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TROUBLE with outbursts?

If you have some little ones (or not so little ones) you are PROBABLY struggling with outbursts from time to time. If any of your kids have the extra challenges of ADHD or autism like we do, you might be dealing with A LOT of outbursts.

As a parent, it's hard to recover from these huge melt-downs... and for my kids, they feel so bad afterwards! Getting mad is going to happen. BUT what if there were some ways to work TOGETHER with strategies that . . . actually help?!

Have you ever gotten HELP that's not . . . HELPFUL?


Especially when the struggle is so constant and so real . . . outbursts can be like that. Around every corner. At any moment.

Enter Kate Bartlein. She is a mom and a certified Mad2Glad Parent CoachBeing and a children's author. Her goal is to make complex strategies more accessible to children and their families.

Like counting to 5 or breathing when you are mad. Kate has a FANTASTIC strategy wrapped up in a delightful story called "LENNON BRUCE FIRE BREATHER." Watch it RIGHT HERE!

If you're like me, you're also going to want to buy Kate's book. So either CLICK HERE or check the description in the video.

Either way, you're going to come away from this encouraged and hopeful. . . with a great strategy to grow TOGETHER with our kids, from the INSIDE out.

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