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The "WHY" behind "YOU ARE GONNA FAIL: a story about building confidence”

This book is so dear to my heart.


It’s terrifying.


What does failure MEAN to you?

I believed failure meant something was going wrong. If I failed I thought there was something wrong with me - like I was a failure.

I tried to hide my “failures” and only show my strengths. It was so exhausting. How can you have ANY real friends when you are JUST trying to be perfect?

About 10 years ago, I started to read books like “Failing Forward” and hear stories about companies like PIXAR and Google who seemed to . . . ah… CELEBRATE failure?

Like failure was as . . . positive, even HELPFUL thing?

Say what?

When I heard that Sara Blakely, founder of shapewear company Spanx, had to tell her dad every Friday at dinner about risks she’d taken and ways that she’d failed that week, and that he’d PRAISE HER FOR THOSE RISKS AND FAILURES, my mind was blown.

Maybe there is another way to think about failure.

Maybe it’s NOT THE END.

Maybe failure is a beginning, or a middle.

A mom wrote to me, telling me that her daughter wanted to learn to ride her bike, but when she got out there the first time, it was hard! Her daughter was SO mad that she quit and said she was never going to try to ride her bike again. They read “YOU ARE GONNA FAIL: a story about building confidence” and suddenly her daughter had a different perspective. It WAS hard. And that was ok. Her bike riding wasn’t over, it was just beginning! And then she was willing to try again.

So if you or something you love is afraid of failing and you think you should quit when your coach says you’ll never make it, or if you are trying something new and you’re super extra terrible at it, instead of believing that “being terrible” means you should quit, my story “YOU ARE GONNA FAIL: a story about building confidence” is there to encourage and give examples of real life - how being bad at something is a beginning and not an end!! And IT IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO BE DISCOURAGED.

The “YOU ARE GONNA FAIL: a story about building confidence” CLASS PACK is full of encouragement to help you and your kids keep learning and growing. It includes the paperback book, a video appearance from GRAN GRAN, lyric video, song, audio book, video book, PDF Lesson plans, and MORE! GET THE CLASS PACK HERE!

If you JUST WANT THE BOOK (which includes a FREE SONG - check the last page) CLICK HERE TO BUY IT ON AMAZON!

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