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Is there such a thing as ORDINARY?

The "WHY" behind “NO ORDINARY BOY: a story about being yourself”

So many kids (and adults) just don’t get that there is something magical about just being YOURSELF!

There is a boy in my neighborhood who writes stories for fun. He always has! He cuts his papers and then staples them together, gives them a title, and spends hours fighting bad guys and solving problems. Like the day he saw a little girl get picked on a school and he couldn’t do anything about it. So he came home and wrote a story - where he actually stepped in and helped.

He thinks this is normal. Ordinary.

It is.

Except for that it isn’t.

He’s being his ordinary self . . . which is EXTRA-ORDINARY.

Same for you.

You might think you are boring old you. But there is no one in the world just like you - so when you are yourself, it’s MAGNIFICENT.

There is so much pressure in media and tv and even books, to look and behave a certain way. There are so many expectations about what kids can and will do.

Even “the terrible two’s.” We’ve all heard about it.

I can’t stand that phrase because it sets us up to expect something … terrible! When in fact, at the age of 2, kids are saying the funniest, sweetest, most profound things. And they show love in vulnerable and beautiful heart melting ways. They are so fun! (Exhausting, but FUN!)

So. What about a book that helps kids understand that being themselves is actually AMAZING!

We ALLLLLLLL feel normal and boring to ourselves.

To others, we are unique and intriguing.. even someone to be jealous of!

Do you have a kid who thinks they are boring? Do you have a kid who has NO IDEA that designing paper airplanes is AWESOME … especially because NO ONE ELSE DOES IT?

Do you have a kid that watches other kids, maybe the sporty kids and thinks those kids are more special and they’ve got it made and if they could only be like THOSE kids.. life would be better??

Then this book is for you. The “NO ORDINARY BOY: a story about being yourself” CLASS PACK has been designed to encourage your kids to discover the great things about themselves! It includes an interview with the REAL actual kid Ty where kids can see, he’s SO ORDINARY! HE’S JUST LIKE THEM! But he just does what he loves and that’s EXTRAORDINARY! This pack also includes the paperback book, a song, lyric video, audio book, video book and chat with Heidi, PDF Lesson Plans, and more. GET IT HERE!

If you JUST WANT THE BOOK (which includes a FREE SONG - check the last page) GET IT HERE!

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