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HOPE NOTE #11: Even when you've lost track of time

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Any chance you lost track of which day it was?

Yeah. Me. I did. Spring break does that to you. And the time change. OHHHHhhh me oh my.

I ran across this quote and I wanted to share it with you:

Before you speak of peace

you must first have it

in your heart . . .

We have been called

to heal wounds,

to unite what

has fallen apart, and to bring home

any who have lost

their way.

- Francis to the First Friars, Legend of the Three Companions, Number 58

It really does seem like our country is divided. I really believe that hard times challenge and reveal core beliefs.

What are our beliefs?

What is in our hearts?

If we are bothered and discouraged about the world around us, we don’t need to do EVERYTHING, but we also don’t need to be overwhelmed into doing NOTHING. Just grow peace and hope inside our own little hearts.

I love that. I think it changes everything.

Grow good things in your heart. Maybe do some weeding. If you have a belief that is fueled by hopelessness, it deserves some time and consideration. Challenge fear with hope.

Life is in our hearts. Your heart. My heart. That little garden we talked about before.

Happy hope planting and happy Spring Break (or sleep and survival spring break).

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