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EASTER! TWO things I’d do again, and ONE thing I’d change!


I would order Chinese food again. It just works for us right now and everyone is happy and everyone has left overs and . . . well, everyone is happy. Why mess with that? There are traditional foods that I COULD be offering my kids but you know what, that’s not me. That’s not us. I value time together over type of food. I know that’s not everyone. One word: PASKA. Never made it. My kids only learn about it from friends and family. Or strangers. I’m ok with that. I’ll pass on other good stuff to them.


Yes. There’s always that kid who finds the eggs sooo quickly and easily… and that kid who can’t find any. And then the “sharing” at the end. So, I got 4 different colored eggs, filled them with some fun stuff and hid them all over the lawn. Kids were only looking for their own colors so.. the world was FAIR for one day.


Somehow I think that when it’s a special occasion, such as Easter, our family will behave differently. Like the kid who interrupts, just wont. And the kid who forgets to let others go first, will remember and wait patiently. And the kid who has some impulse control issues on the trampoline will.. suddenly be in control and not kick anyone. And that when we go on our family walk, the husband who loves to talk to everyone an everyone, will just wave hello and stick with the family so I won’t be left with all the kids.. alone.. for 10 minutes.. while they wait for sugar (we talked about it already. I expressed my feelings and we worked it out — so all good).

Expectations came up a lot for me this weekend. And I’m glad. Because they weigh a lot and they can become overwhelming and INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING. And then no one (especially not me) is any fun any more.

What would you keep the same after this weekend? What would you change? I’d love to hear it. Did any expectations get in your way?

And while we are speaking about expectations, here is something you didn’t expect: THE PERFECT AFTER EASTER STORY. It’s hilarious. It’s called EASTER ROOSTER. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN! Dan Williamson is super funny and he took a look at an Easter Egg Hunt from the perspective of a … rooster.

So while you and the kids are coming down from your Easter Chocolate high… give EASTER ROOSTER a listen. I’ve got some great EASTER BUNNY jokes in there at the end. SPEAKING OF JOKES — I’ve got a few from some awesome kids in the hopper.. I’d love any more that you can send!! Just hit reply! Send a video or a picture.. however you want to send it! And if I can I’ll use on one of my next youtube videos and feature your hilarious kid!

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