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Getting ready for change

I've been thinking a lot. About life. About kids. About possibilities.

This fall, my youngest went to school full time. TIME FOR ME TO PURSUE SOME THINGS! I thought.

But it seems like instead of more time, I have been experiencing more pull in different directions. I spent a month between my family in Abbotsford and my son in Children's Hospital, undergoing some tests and observation. He has autism and he hasn't been progressing very well. I stopped my weekly sessions at House of James to care for my son, and I haven't been able to set up songs & stories sessions since. I had been so busy taking care of myself and my family... that months went ... and one day I thought, "I need to be open for Songs & Stories to change."

Weird thought. Open to change.

And yet, things are about to change.

I've been writing songs for kids for a couple of years now... and loving it. And now, I'm going to write a series of kids books. I've almost finished my first one.

During this hard-ish time... I've been doing lots of requesting books from the library and reading and listening to podcasts... I needed help with my head and my heart - figure out how to go through difficult times and come out transformed instead of just bitter or mad... or even how to go through life without being CONTROLLED BY MY EMOTIONS!! ... and I've realized, what we THINK, what we BELIEVE, the THOUGHTS IN OUR HEADS really really really matter! I remember when I was a kid, I watched how adults talked to me and treated me... and I promised myself that when I grew up, I would respect kids and remember they had more going on in their minds than adults gave them credit for.

I watch my kids struggle with life. Friendships. School. Challenges. Emotions. Thoughts. And I thought... why not write books that present ideas and create conversations between kids and their parents. Yes, they will be funny and fun to read. But they will also include a thought... that might make kids (and their parents) stop re-consider ... "do I think this? What if I did? How would that impact me."

I want to give my kids and yours, thoughts that become tools to help them navigate life.. and I want them to have fun while they explore the thoughts. Each book will have a song to go with it too. Pretty fun times we are having over here.

More to come. But for now, I want you to know that change is ok. I have LOVED singing songs and reading stories to your kids. AND I WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO!!!! But a little bit more is going to be invested this time around.

I can't wait to show you a sneak peak of the book and the song! Stay tuned!

Talk soon,


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