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"Shooting at the Stars" - Stories to Read Together This Christmas

Parent's Guide to Story Reading Sanity - Christmas Edition

by John Hendrix

Recommended ages: 8-12

I loved “Shooting at the Stars.” It’s based on the true story of a momentary truce that took place Christmas Eve, on the front between the British and German battle lines in France in 1914. The story is told from the perspective of a young English soldier who is writing a letter home to his mom.

Parents will enjoy this book because . . . it’s though provoking, well written, creatively illustrated, and it’s a true story. The fonts are fantastic, bringing voices to life in a unique way. Just wait until you see how the German voices are written. It just makes so much sense. This book is a huge door opener for parents and kids to explore their thoughts about war, history, life, values, friendships, enemies... on and on the list goes.

Children will enjoy this book because . . . the illustrations alternate between John Hendrix’s fantastic sketches and what looks like a letter a young soldier is writing home to his mother. Both draw the reader in. The contrast literally brings the story home. Kids will also love this story because it’s a different kind of war story than they are used to - there is no “Medal of Honour” awarded... it’s the strangest, most unbelievable war story that defies logic, defies war itself, appealing to what we have in common rather than what divides us.

It’s not your typical light and funny Christmas book, but it’s a powerful and worthy departure.

This book gets 4 kids thumbs up, 1 Dad thumbs up, and 2 definite Songs & Stories with Heidi thumbs up!

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