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"One Hockey Night" - Stories to Read Together This Christmas

Parent's Guide to Story Reading Sanity - Christmas Edition

David Ward and Brian Deines

Recommended ages: 5-10 years

In “One Hockey Night” a family has moved to Nova Scotia from Saskatchewan, leaving everything that is familiar to them. The kids are struggling with what to do and how to make friends in this new place. .. and it’s Christmas.

Let’s face it. Christmas isn’t always awesome. I wish it was. I’ve watched the movies, seen the commercials and read the greeting cards, but I’ve spent a lot of Christmases wishing I lived closer to my family, wishing my sister and her family could come, trying to find a time to connect with my brother and his family in England. Sometimes the Christmas feeling just feels far away.

Parents will love this book because . . . it portrays a family that really loves and respects one another. The kids aren’t yelling at the parents because they were dragged across the country against their will. The parents aren’t absent. They are just all in it together (but not over the top unrealistic either). I like that. Even better, Owen and his sister Holly actually play hockey together. There is so much about that .. that I love. Holly asks Owen to take shots on her. Sister asks brother. That too. It’s not two boys. It’s a brother and a sister. I won’t say more, I just love it.

Kids will love this book because . . . it’s about kids working through a common issue. Lots of kids love their parents but don’t always understand why, or like what the family is doing. It’s a common kid dilemma. They will easily identify with Owen and Holly. Kids will love that there is a surprise brewing during the whole book. I won’t spoil it... and kids who like hockey, especially Canadian kids who love hockey, will love the Canadian Olympic Hockey jersey Owen wears.

“One Hockey Night” creates a sense of hopes and dreams. The illustrations aren’t staged.. they are more like captured moments. There is an aspect of warmth and reality that we feel we can connect with while reading... almost like photographs... almost like it could have been us in the picture..

My 10 year old hockey loving boy LOVES this book. Two hockey gloved thumbs up. Thumbs up from me too.

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