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"no two alike" - Stories to Read Together This Christmas

Parent's Guide to Story Reading Sanity - Christmas Edition

by Keith Baker

Recommended ages: 2-6

“No two alike” is the story of two little birds who learn that no two snowflakes are alike and takes you on a journey asking over and over whether or not two roads, two branches, two nests, two tracks.. if anything is... or should be exactly the same.

I must be feeling sentimental because I’m drawn to the sweeter more gentle stories this week. Every day my kids get older and I watch them realize who they are, look at other kids jealously, and sometimes, change or overemphasize a part of who they are (or aren’t) in order to fit in. I love to read stories that reinforce my child’s value and uniqueness without submitting them to a “mom talk” ... if you know what I mean.

Parents will enjoy this book because . . . it’s one more chance to hold your kid close and reinforce the truth that they are valuable and that what makes them different also makes them special. This book is a quick read - there are less than 10 words on every page... sometimes only 2 or 3. You can take it easy. No tongue twisters or tough words to pronounce.

Children will enjoy this book because . . . the little birds are cute and playful. It’s fun to watch their antics on each page and wonder with the birds if any two things really are exactly the same. The book is full of creatures which my kids love and it will be fun for your kids to look at the pictures and talk through the differences between similar things. This book is a bit of a page turner too because 1 sentence might take 3-6 pages to complete. This creates a bit of suspense and fun for the kids.

“No two alike” really is a sweet simple book.. but that doesn’t mean it’s bland or unremarkable.. in this case, I’m thinking, less really is more.

None of my kids went crazy over this book, but we all enjoyed it. 6 uniquely sized thumbs up from us.

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