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"Mortimer's Christmas Manger" - Stories to Read Together This Christmas

Parent's Guide to Story Reading Sanity - Christmas Edition

12 BOOKS YOU AND YOUR CHILD WILL LOVE TO READ TOGETHER THIS CHRISTMAS! Each book is linked for your convenience to Amazon, where you can opt to view a few more of the pages inside, OR simply take the information provided, and go to your local library and pick it up from there! Click here for the full disclosure.

by Jane Chapman and Karma Wilson

Recommended ages: 3-8

Mortimer is a little mouse who finds his dark home under the stairs to be “too cold. Too cramped. Too creepy.” It’s Christmas and he discovers a new nativity scene set up and the manger is perfect for him, so he kicks everyone out.

Parents will enjoy this book because... you know what, to be honest, my number one criteria is words and font size. If there are too many words crammed in to some book, or more words than pictures.. sorry kids, I’m not reading it. So, not too many words here. Or wasted words.. Oh man! If you can say it in fewer words, do it! Also, I love a book when I don’t know what’s coming... and I didn’t know! I won’t spoil it for you but this book gave me an out loud chuckle at a certain point.

Children will enjoy this book because ... the illustrations are great. Each page has a few different points of interest so it’s just fun to look around. I think the kids are going to LOVE the fact that Mortimer kicks all the wise men and shepherds, Mary and Joseph and even baby Jesus OUT OF THE STABLE!! You can see Mortimer rolling around in the hay and loving life in the manger. And again.. the little turn you didn’t see coming.. they are going to love it. Think “Gingerbread house.”

I’ve said too much already.

Engaging illustrations. Creative and sweet story.

This book gets 3 kids thumbs up and 1 older kid thumb sideways, 1 Dad thumbs up, and 2 definite Songs & Stories with Heidi thumbs up!

Disclosure: If you purchase anything from links in this email or others that I send, I may receive some kind of affiliate commission. However, I only ever mention products I love and would recommend whether I was being compensated or not.

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