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"Room for a Little One" - Stories to Read Together This Christmas

12 BOOKS YOU AND YOUR CHILD WILL LOVE TO READ TOGETHER THIS CHRISTMAS! Each book is linked for your convenience to Amazon, where you can opt to view a few more of the pages inside, OR simply take the information provided, and go to your local library and pick it up from there! Click here for the full disclosure.

by Martin Waddell and Illustrated by Jason Cockcroft

Recommended ages: 3-7

“Room for a Little One” is a nativity story. Regardless of how or why you celebrate Christmas, Winter Break, or Happy Holidays, it’s always interesting to learn why and where different beliefs and ideas come from. On the other hand, if Jesus’ birth is central to your faith, it’s just nice to read an old story from a new perspective.

Parents will enjoy this book because ... there aren’t too many words! The writing is so gentle and slow and kind. You read a little bit, sigh, and wait while your child explores the artwork, then slowly... turn... the ... page. It’s almost like taking a break! The art is enchanting, sort of like a photograph taken through dust that sparkles. Simple, yet beautiful.

Children will enjoy this book because . . . the animals are the main characters, and they talk. Their eyes are so lifelike and full of meaning and the kids will be able to feel the friendship and safety Kind Ox creates for everyone. At one point, stray cat arches her back and gets ready to fight back against the dog. Kids won’t identify too closely with a holy-Messiah-baby-savior, or Mary and Joseph’s “no room in the inn” dilemma, but they will understand a stray cat who is afraid of being chased by a dog and enjoy the experience of animals extending unusual friendship to one another.

CONCLUSION: Your kids will not laugh, cry, or clap for more, but I do think they will be filled with wonder as they look at the pictures and listen to the story from the animals perspectives. And if you want to explore more, this story provides a window into a very important Christmas story that gets over told one way and and then old too fast.

“Room for a Little One” gets 4 little sighs and quiet thumbs up, 1 Dad thumbs up, and a Songs & Stories with Heidi thumbs up . . . sigh.

That's all for this week! Stay tuned for next Tuesday when you get Volume 2!

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