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Parent's guide to story reading sanity: Christmas Edition

Songs & Stories with Heidi goes Christmas!

I love reading great books to kids... but let’s be honest - there is a big difference between an average book and a GREAT one. I’ve read my share of duds... and then when the dud turns out to be one that my child wants me to read over and over??? AHHH! And then let’s talk Christmas books... the nature of the season narrows the topic options and . . . many of the stories can get boring or repetitive.

Sooooo.... here is what I’m going to do. I have requested about 50 books from the library, I’ve been googling, searching Amazon and reading blogs and lists on the internet. I am going to find 12 BOOKS THAT YOU AND YOUR CHILD WILL LOVE TO READ TOGETHER THIS CHRISTMAS. You know what that means... time together connecting around something you both enjoy, creating memories, laughing, feeling, wondering and going on a journey of imagination with your kids. What better gift is there to give?

SIGN UP HERE, and you will receive my "Parent's Guide to Story Reading Sanity - Christmas Edition." Every Tuesday morning for the next 4 weeks you will receive a review of three Christmas books that are guaranteed to bring joy to you and your family this Christmas. If all goes well, I will also have a few musical bonus items to throw in as recommendations along the way.. we all know how badly we need children’s music we can all enjoy while we drive around looking at Christmas lights!

So this is my gift to you. Merry Christmas, and may this season be FULL of wonder, imagination, and all the miracles only Christmas can bring.


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