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Welcome to Songs & Stories

with Heidi!!!

Heidi is a kid at heart. She is working on her hand stand, and would way rather play basketball instead of clean her room. Heidi lives in a townhouse (that she has to clean) with her husband Joel and her 4 kids as well as her dog Chestnut and her cat, Precious. She has her PDP, but would rather play a supportive role in the classroom than teach full time.  After two of her kids were diagnosed with autism, Heidi has become driven to grow personally in order to understand and help EVERY KID develop their emotional health and maturity. 


Heidi recognizes that kids have a lot going on - more than they are able to let on. Ideas. Emotions. Impulse Control. Relationships. Failure. Self Image. Mindsets. Negative thoughts. When she was little she watched how adults treated her and Heidi made a promise to herself that when she grew up, she’d remember that kids were capable of more than adults realized. 



Heidi and her family read a lot of books and they like it BEST when kids stuff is fun for kids but STILL INTERESTING FOR THE PARENTS! So here she is, writing as many delightful and entertaining songs and stories as possible - all wrapped around ideas and beliefs that will empower parents in their quest to have fun AND raise resilient and confident kids.


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